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Passive fire protection measures are intended to contain a fire within a fire compartment and prevent it from spreading. It is seen as the ‘last line of defense’ in the event of a fire as it does not require water or power for it to perform it’s function.

One form of passive fire protection often overlooked is firestopping, also commonly known as fire rated penetration seals. You may not think they exist in your building or think that they have been ‘taken care of’ by a subcontractor who has just recently completed the installation of an essential service.

Many audits carried out by Banhams WA, still show alarmingly high numbers of unsealed or incorrectly sealed penetrations throughout buildings of varying size and nature, that in a fire, could compromise the integrity of a fire wall, floor or path of egress.

The correct application of these seals can be confusing and vary greatly depending on the type of service that penetrates the fire rated wall or floor. To the untrained eye, the standards can be interpreted in a variety of different ways and still no clearer at the end of them.

At Banhams WA , we are able to offer extensive passive fire industry knowledge coupled with technical experience to assist you, from identifying a penetration seal type, to carrying out the seal installation and providing full certification to AS 4072.1 .

Banhams WA offer the following service to ensure that you are compliant with all the elements of firestopping:

  • Full building audit of the fire compartments including penetrations through fire walls and floors.
  • An up to date schedule of your current passive fire status including reports with photographic reference.
  • Recommendations on what is required to ensure your penetration seals are compliant.
  • Fully trained technicians installing tested firestopping systems in line with AS1530.4 and AS4072.1
  • Full certification on completion of all works

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