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Booster Fire Truck

“Are You Aware” you no longer need to engage DFES for Booster Testing?
Western Australia now have Banhams WA as a choice provider like the Eastern States.

It is a requirement that fire systems including hydrants and sprinklers are commissioned and tested in accordance
with the Australian standards and codes(AS2419.1-2005 and 1851-2012).


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Banhams WA can offer you

  • Fire hydrant system booster testing “with our state of the art purpose built appliance”to current  AS1851-2012 &10.4.1 of AS 2419.1
  • Fire mains pressure and flow testing of the Water Authority mains(for fire fighting and design purposes)
  • ‘Essential Services’ Maintenance, service and testing to AS1851-2012.
  • Hydraulic hydrant system pressure and flow tests.
  • Hydrostatic testing as per section 10 AS 2419

Banhams WA can provide

  • A genuine 7 day / 24 hour service.
  • Test information and data(from calibrated testing equipment).
  • Proven and accepted methodology reports for boost tests and frictional loss requirements.IMG_0353 (1)
  • Certification.
  • Fixed price costs “No more to pay & no hidden extras”
  • Efficient turnaround for all works and certification.
  • Working / Boost pressures for Block plans.


             Banhams WA are proud to provide professional, organised and efficient testing of  new and existing fire hydrant systems including systems incorporating booster assemblies. We are qualified plumbers so understand systems, layout and also design requirements.